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SUNITA is a professionally managed company having leading position In the Indian Engineering and Mould Base market with a vision to fulfilling tomorrow’s requirements Today. We are proud to have contributed for about 40 years to Engineering and Plastics Industry that have created new Vistas for a world-class industry. Using a combination of leading-edge technology, process expertise and dedication to customer service, STPL has increased revenues and penetrated new markets to solidify its leadership in the industry.

Working at the top of an industry, Requires continuous innovation to maintain market leadership. STPL workforce includes some of the finest and most experienced specialists at hand to see to this. Adapting to the specific needs of the customer, improving efficiency of existing equipment & developing new techniques is a permanent concern of this talented staff. The knowledge, the experience and the skills we have acquired on our primary home market are made available for overseas customers. Today, STPL boasts of an impressive record of successful & innovative projects all handled with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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